A Community Focused Multi-Sport Network.

We do not share or sale your personal information.

What information do we collect?

  1. Data during account creation: Your name, profile photo, address, email address, phone number, geographic location, and any other information you share with us during account creation and sign up. (which of this info do we make optional and which do we make mandatory?)
  2. Post Data:
    1. Your name, profile photo, geo location, identified/selected location from geo API, map of such location, sport or fitness you are or will be practicing, images and videos you chose to share, comments on your post, teammates ad other user names you chose to mention on your post,
    2. teammates ad other user names you chose to create teams with to practice activities in groups,
    3. after-activity meet-up events data such as category (coffe, cocktails, lunch, dinner, etc), location, and time;
    4. frequency and duration of events;
    5. metadata on media file such as location, date, file size;
    6. list of people you practice fitness with, and the frequency you do it with;
    7. info and media about you that is shared by other users;
  3. Login Data from other services or companies: When you connect to our app through existing social network accounts such as facebook, tweeter, and instagram, you give us permission to obtain from them: name, email address and list of friends. The amount of data shared through your profiles on other social networks is defined in your settings on those other accounts.
  4. Technical Information: Internet protocol, geo location coordinates, browser type, phone brand, phone model, hardware info, device OS, cookie data, mobile signal strength, and internet connectivity, wifi signal strength, language, time zone, IP address, mobile phone carrier, phone number,
  5. Contacts : Address Books and Contacts you chose to make available to facilitate the addition of teammates to your account with us.

How do we use the information we collect?

  1. to provide customized and personalized content
  2. to provide this product to you
  3. to improve this product
  4. to communicate with you when necessary or requested by you
  5. send you updates or upgrades on our products
  6. to help you find teammates or other fitness enthusiasts or followers or others with some common interests.
  7. to help other fitness enthusiasts or followers or others with some common interests find you and connect wit you
  8. send you newsletters that you sign up for
  9. send you marketing material or other information of interest to you
  10. allow you to create groups or teams
  11. allow you to schedule individual or group activities

What options do you have about the data you share with us?

  1. accessing your data and modify it
  2. unlink your account to other social network services
  3. close your account (remove all your posted and personal data from our servers)
  4. temporarily disable your account
  5. send you updates or upgrades on our products

How do we share information?

  1. we make all your posted data available to all your teammates or those you chose to share the info with
  2. we make your posts available on other social networks or services if you chose to share them
  3. if required by law to prevent fraud, or security issues

What is our policy on children's information?

We do not offer this product to children under the age of 13.

How do we make and publish changes to this policy?

We will change this policy when our product, the condition of its service or certain laws . We will make such changes and/or additions on this same page, and will notify users through their email addresses.

How to contact us?

Send us an email to: support@teamjoeapp.com

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Coming soon:

- clubs
- more metrics
- more social functions
- integration with other social channels and networks.
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